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Company History

Mineral Essence Founder and CEO David Kohan has been committed to working with world-renowned cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and their patients for the last 16 years. His extensive experience working with those who have special skincare needs has led him to formulate a mineral make-up and skincare line that meets the expectations of the most discerning consumers.

Mineral Essence offers a full spectrum of beauty products designed based on pure science to maintain the health, hue and balance of the skin. A wide range of colors allows for a more accurate match to skin tone. Sensitivities in mind, Mineral Essence powder base formulas contain only the purest ingredients, free of chemicals and preservatives. They are dermatologist-tested, hypo-allergenic and beneficial to those concerned with acne, eczema, rosacea, and allergies. Our packaging is recyclable and we never test on animals. Our natural-based make up offers a feast for your skin, features restorative vital minerals and results in the most radiant complexion.

Naturally, beauty begins with M.E.